See home come to life in our 2024 Industrial Wood Color Forecast, bringing you the leading colors in today’s trends for Industrial Wood finishings.

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Take a sigh of relief

With Renew, we’re taking a fresh start and going back to basics with grounding whites, soft tins and creams. These colors tell a story of sensibility and complexity in layered hues. Layering whites has become a new method for creating opulent interiors. These complimentary finishes can be found on birch, ash, bleached cherry and walnut.


Refined Elegance

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and think about your most comforting memory of home. The feeling this evokes draws us into a deep nostalgia, as does this collection theme of dark, warm stains and hues. Foster comfort and familiarity with antique greens and the stark contrast of black and white combinations.


Taking the road less traveled

Somewhere along the journey of homesickness, we reach a turning point from the past and become aware of the present and future ahead of us. The third theme of this collection, Essence, takes an organic approach on the road less traveled with earthy tones and neutral finishes on oak, hickory, poplar, elm and bird’s eye maple. Driven by the comfort we seek from the past, this collection complements blue and green hues, giving a renewable feeling to the home.


A place to flourish, breathe fresh air and experience the combination of home and nature.

Tap into home’s life-giving energy with Flourish, the fourth theme from this year’s collection. These colors complement shades of red and purple while sparking a familiarity with our true selves. Flourish inspires us to gather pieces of life that were once lost and piece them back together with acclimation to texture, creativity and artistry.


Heritage Brown

We’re proud to announce M.L. Campbell stain of the year, Heritage Brown!

Carefully curated by color and design experts to complement this year’s collection theme, Homecoming, this warm, rustic brown can be used in all areas of the home. Heritage Brown tells a story of depth and family history. Layered with neutrals or pops of color, this stain gives the perfect balance of earthy, homely tones.