Product Excellence for Over 100 Years

aboutus1Leading the way. A leading North American manufacturer for the wood finishing industry, M.L. Campbell has built a reputation of dependability and product excellence for over 100 years. As an exclusive manufacturer of wood coatings, we are dedicated to supplying our customers with high performance finishes. Focusing strictly on wood coatings, we combine the best of North American and European formulating technology to create a full line of advanced finishing products and systems.

Continued commitment. Since its foundation, M.L. Campbell has been dedicated to our customers and to the environment. We have initiated a long-term commitment to our customers and to the wood finishing industry with extensive product development and training.

Research & Development

aboutus2Breakthrough R&D. We believe that by developing the world’s best wood coating technologies, M.L. Campbell will remain on the cutting edge of the rapidly evolving wood finishing industry. But we don’t stop at offering the best products. We’re also dedicated to finding new ways to safeguard health, safety and the environment, without sacrificing quality or performance.

Our R&D lab is dedicated to providing very low VOC breakthrough coating systems that are safe for both shops and the environment. We also offer state-of-the-art formaldehyde and isocyanate free water borne products by using cutting edge resins that bridge the gap between solvent and water borne products. Not only do we understand the importance of compliant coatings, but our lab takes special time in hand crafting the formulas for ease of application with all of the durability that you expect from a wood coatings leader.