WoodSong® II Microton Spray Dye Stain

Green Guard
Haps Free
WoodSongII Stain

WoodSong® II Microton Spray Dye Stains are compatible with all solvent stain bases. Produced with the most light-fast fabric dyes, they are fast drying and can be used to enhance the texture and grain of wood. Even multi-coats of Microton Stains will not obscure the grain on fine woods. These dyes are GREENGUARD certified and the solvent system for these dyes is acetone, which makes them VOC and HAPS free.


  • Will not obscure wood grain
  • Spray only application
Product # ColorSizeContainerPDSSDSSell SheetsUPC
WS2M300-16 Walnut1 GallonCan 744815022016
WS2M301-16 Cherry1 GallonCan 744815022115
WS2M302-16 Dark Walnut1 GallonCan 744815022214
WS2M303-16 Mahogany1 GallonCan 744815022313
WS2M304-16 Oak1 GallonCan 744815022412
WS2M305-16 Dark Oak1 GallonCan 744815022511
WS2M306-16 Cordovan1 GallonCan 744815022610
WS2M307-16 Red1 GallonCan 744815022917
WS2M308-16 Yellow1 GallonCan 744815023211
WS2M309-16 Orange1 GallonCan 744815023112
WS2M312-16 Black1 GallonCan 744815023013
WS2TPR-16 Red1 GallonCan035777746158
WS2TPY-16 Yellow1 GallonCan035777746165

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WoodSong® II Microton Spray Dye Stain was designed for use with with all M.L. Campbell® solvent stain bases.

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