MAGNA-TEK™ Clear Pre-Cat Tint Base & Topcoat

MAGNATEK™ Clear Pre-Catalyzed Tint-Base & Topcoat, is the reinvention of the M.L. Campbell Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer coatings that have been trusted over the years. The next evolution in performance, productivity, and appearance, MAGNATEK™ Clear Pre-Catalyzed Tint-Base & Topcoat will ensure the natural beauty and protection is achieved with each painted piece.


  • Improves shop productivity & throughput by increasing curing speed and reducing cycle time
  • High productivity generates new profitable growth opportunities
  • Fast drying
  • Easy Sanding
  • Ideal for For use on kitchen and bathroom cabinets, dormitory, household, and office furniture. Also, for use on toys, paneling, and display fixtures.
Product # SizeSheenContainerSDSUPC
V44720-16 1 GallonSuper FlatCan790417009320
V44720-20 5 GallonSuper FlatPail790417009436
V44720A-27 45 GallonSuper FlatDrum790417009917
V44722-16 1 GallonDullCan790417009337
V44722-20 5 GallonDullPail790417009443
V44722A-27 45 GallonDullDrum790417009924
V44724-16 1 GallonSatinCan790417009344
V44724-20 5 GallonSatinPail790417009450
V44724A-27 45 GallonSatinDrum790417009948
V44726-16 1 GallonSemi GlossCan790417009351
V44726-20 5 GallonSemi GlossPail790417009467
V44726A-27 45 GallonSemi GlossDrum790417009955
V44728-16 1 GallonGlossCan790417009368
V44728-20 5 GallonGlossPail790417009474
V44728A-27 45 GallonGlossDrum790417009962


MAGNA-TEK™ CLEAR PRE-CAT TINT BASE & TOPCOAT is a High-Solids HAPs free fast dry self-sealing pre-catalyzed lacquer formulation. It offers the convenience and user-friendly features of pre-catalyzed lacquer, while providing the high durability and performance of a post-cat. excellent sanding properties. It is formulated to offer an improvement over conventional lacquer White Topcoats where excellent adhesion, stain blocking, and superior moisture resistance is required. Its high-solids formula helps to maximize the filling of open-pore wood species more efficiently, while improving productivity.

Additional information


1 Gallon, 45 Gallon, 5 Gallon


Pre Catalyzed

Where to Use

For use on kitchen and bathroom cabinets, dormitory, household, and office furniture, paneling, hardwood flooring, and display fixtures.

Finish Type







Solvent Borne


Pre-Cat Lacquer