CODA Interior Hybrid Polyurethane White

CODA Interior Hybrid Polyurethane White is a two-component acrylic/alkyd blend that is GREENGUARD certified and offers excellent chemical and mar resistance. This unique hybrid technology provides remarkable coverage and build as well as accelerated dry times.


  • Superior scratch/mar, chemical and moisture resistance
  • Hybrid alkyd/acrylic technology = great long color stability
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • 10:1 catalyst mix ratio with no solvent reduction required based on spray conditions
  • Extended pot life to aid in production
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000W37572-16 Can035777896761
000W37572-20 Pail035777896778
000W37574-16 Can035777896938
000W37574-20 Pail035777896945
000W37578-16 Can035777896952
000W37578-20 Pail035777896969
Purpose: Test the ability of the finish to withstand substances typically found in kitchens and bathrooms. CODA™ Interior Hybrid Polyurethane White exceeds AWI specifications. Contact and dry time of is in accordance to AWI and KCMA test procedures. Results VinegarExcellent Lemon JuiceExcellent Orange JuiceExcellent Grape JuiceExcellent KetchupExcellent CoffeeExcellent Olive OilExcellent Boiling WaterExcellent Cold WaterExcellent Nail Polish RemoverExcellent Household AmmoniaExcellent VM&P NaphthaExcellent Isopropyl AlcoholExcellent Wine Excellent WindexExcellent 409 CleanerExcellent LysolExcellent 33% Sulfuric AcidExcellent 77% Sulfuric AcidExcellent 28% Ammonium HydroxideExcellent GasolineExcellent Murphy's Oil SoapExcellent Vodka 100 ProofExcellent 1% DetergentExcellent 10% TSPExcellent Ethanol/ WaterExcellent MustardExcellent AcetoneExcellent
CODA™ Interior Hybrid Polyurethane White has undergone rigorous quality testing to verify performance and application characteristics. The M.L. Campbell® laboratory has formulated CODA™ to meet or exceed the required performance level established by AWI and KCMA for finishes. CODA™ meets the AWI finishing standard System 11 for chemical and moisture resistance. CODA™ has been tested utilizing the following ASTM and KCMA test methods: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair, 1 = Poor. Results Print ResistanceExcellent Hot & Cold Check ResistanceExcellent Cross HatchExcellent BlockingExcellent Wet Heat ResistanceExcellent Edge SoakExcellent

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Where to Use

CODA Interior White Hybrid Polyurethane’s formula is specifically designed for interior wood surfaces that are exposed to moisture, heat and household chemicals. It can be used for table tops, bar tops, cabinets, millwork, furniture, fixtures, and any other interior wood surface.

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