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Envirolock™ Formaldehyde Free White Primer was developed using our breakthrough solvent borne Clear Cure Technology. This exceptional technology platform provides an acid cure formaldehyde free amino alkyd post cat primer that is both low odor and HAPs free; creating a safer work environment and improving indoor air quality once a project is installed. Envirolock™ Formaldehyde Free White Primer is a GREENGUARD certified, fast dry, easy sanding post-catalyzed primer specially formulated for use as the first coat under EnviroVar Formaldehyde Free Post Catalyzed White/Opaque. Envirolock™ Formaldehyde Free White Primer exhibits very good adhesion on wood, particleboard and hard boards and has good holdout over porous surfaces such as soft wood and untempered hard board. Envirolock™ Formaldehyde Free White Primer sands very well to produce an excellent base coat with outstanding holdout of topcoats making it ideal for filling the open pores on MDF board.


  • Fast drying
  • Easy sanding
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Outstanding holdout over porous wood surfaces
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W133329-16 1 GallonCan035777177037
W133329-20 5 GallonPail035777177051

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Envirolock™ Formaldehyde Free White Primer can be used on wood or MDF board, store fixtures, cabinetwork, interior paneling and trim, furniture or any application where a fast dry primer with excellent product handling characteristics is required. Amazing Glaze may be applied over Envirolock™ Formaldehyde Free White Primer. Formulated for job shop application.

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