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The perfect base for our quality topcoats, our spray and wipe wood stains also respond beautifully to coverage with M.L. Campbell lacquers. Properties include fast drying, great workability and open times. M.L. Campbell offers a wide array of stocked and custom colors. Click here to view our WoodSong® II Stain Color Card

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Amazing Stain™
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Is a fast drying spray stain, formulated to be used on wood substrates where blotching is a problem. Can be used under all of M.L. Campbell’s clear finish coats. This clear stain base can be tinted using M.L. Campbell Industrial Colorants, dyes and transparent pigments. M.L. Campbell’s Distributor Stain Studio can tint this base to unlimited stain colors.

WoodSong II® 2.5% Spray Only Stain Base
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A HAPs compliant formula specially designed to work with our M.L. Campbell Industrial Colorants. This spray only formulation allows the user better workability through longer open times. You can achieve deeper, richer colors with WoodSong II because of its formula clarity and consistency.

WoodSong II® Spray & Wipe Stains
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Fast drying, spray-and-wipe wood stains that can be recoated with lacquers or other industrial wood finishes. This GREENGUARD certified fast dry formula (30-60 minutes) applies by spraying or wiping the stain directly on the wood to be finished. Available in many package colors and tint bases that can be custom tinted to almost any color in the Distributor Stain Studio.

WoodSong II® Low Solids Compliant Stain Base
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A low solids compliant alkyd stain base that exhibits excellent grain definition on wood with outstanding application properties and excellent open time. Designed to work specifically with M.L. Campbell Industrial Colorants, dyes and transparent pigments to obtain deeper and richer colors on wood. WS2LS10 is compliant for California SCAQMD for a low solids stain.

M.L Campbell® Stain Base for Minwax® Colors
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A HAPs compliant, fast-drying and medium-solids formula that allows the user better workability. You can achieve deeper, richer colors with Minwax Stain Base, because of its formula clarity and consistency. Specifically designed to work with M.L. Campbell Industrial Colorants for color formulation. The Minwax Stain color palette is now available in M.L. Campbell's cabinet shop formula.

Microton™ Dyes
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Produced with the most light-fast dyes, Microton Dyes are GREENGUARD certified and developed to act as the first step in staining light colored woods (oak, pine, birch, etc.) to a darker color such as mahogany. When used as a first stain coat, this spray-only toner uniforms the tone of the wood’s color, making an even base for the application of WoodSong II spray-and-wipe stains.

Azoton™ Water Borne Dye Stains
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Compatible with all M.L. Campbell water borne stains and clear coats, our Azoton Water Borne Dye Stains are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified. Formulated using the finest light fast water-soluble micro dye pigments for true color fade resistance. These dyes are low solids stains with less than 1 lb/gal, which is ideal for use in VOC restricted areas.

WoodSong II® Water Borne Stain Base
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A GREENGUARD Certified, easy to apply, very low VOC water borne stain with excellent wood grain penetration that provides outstanding color depth not normally found in water borne stain formulas. Increased color depth can be achieved by adding Azoton dyes in combination with water borne colorants when tinted. This stain achieves a solvent borne look in a unique high performance water borne formula.

Euro X™ Water Borne Impregnating Stain
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An easy spraying, user friendly, low VOC water borne wood stain with excellent color uniformity that is specifically formulated for outdoor UV protection. A mildew resistant additive has been incorporated to help make Euro X WB Impregnating Stain and Euro X WB Clear dry film mildew resistant. This product is required for use under Euro X Water Borne Exterior finishes.