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Product Category: Clear Topcoats - Solvent Borne - Pre-Catalyzed

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MagnaKlear is a very unique patent pending non-yellowing, HAPs free, water white pre-catalyzed amino alkyd conversion coating. MagnaKlear offers outstanding UV resistance and does not yellow under ultraviolet exposure. Special UV additive protects both stains and pigmented coatings underneath. Ideal for use over pigmented colors and glazes. MagnaKlear provides a very durable, hand rub, smooth finish and is specifically designed for interior wood surfaces exposed to moisture, heat and household chemicals. Easy to apply with any equipment.

Key Features:

  • Water white and non-yellowing
  • Outstanding UV resistance
  • Ultra low formaldehyde
  • One gun Topcoats
  • Exceptional film build
  • Quick dry to sand and recoat times
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Product Test and Performance Characteristics

MagnaKlear has undergone rigorous quality testing to verify performance and application characteristics. The M.L. Campbell laboratory has formulated MagnaKlear to meet or exceed the required performance level established by KCMA for finishes. MagnaKlear has been tested utilizing the following ASTM and KCMA test methods: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair, 1 = Poor.

Print Resistance Excellent
Hot and Cold Check Resistance Excellent
Cross Hatch Excellent
Blocking Excellent
Wet Heat Resistance Very Good
Edge Soak Excellent

Chemical Resistance Evaluation

Purpose: Test the ability of the finish to withstand substances typically found in kitchens and bathrooms. Exceeds AWI specifications for household chemical resistance for SYSTEM 2, pre-catalyzed lacquer and SYSTEM 5, conversion varnish. Contact and dry time of each chemical is in accordance to AWI and KCMA test procedures.

Vinegar Excellent
Lemon Juice Excellent
Orange Juice Excellent
Grape Juice Excellent
Ketchup Excellent
Coffee Excellent
Olive Oil Excellent
Boiling Water Excellent
Cold Water Excellent
Nail Polish Remover Very Good
Household Ammonia Excellent
VM&P Naphtha Excellent
Isopropyl Alcohol Very Good
Wine Excellent
Windex Excellent
409 Cleaner Excellent
Lysol Excellent
33% Sulfuric Acid Excellent
77% Sulfuric Acid Poor
28% Ammonium Hydroxide Excellent
Gasoline Excellent
Murphy's Oil Soap Excellent
Vodka 100 Proof Excellent
1% Detergent Excellent
10% TSP Excellent
Ethanol/ Water Excellent
Mustard Excellent
Acetone Very Good